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Tours and special events for groups in Italy

Tuscan Perfume

The colours and fragrances of the Mediterranean area give us the opportunity of a unique sensorial experience.

Because of its climate, Tuscany is the natural habitat for a series of aromatic plants which give off delicious scents.

Our perfume event includes the visit of a historical garden through a professional perfume maker. This is the best way to get to know the world of flowers, plants and fragrances. You will learn how to extract essences and recognize one scent from the other, in order to combine them and create your own perfume.

Within the event we also propose the invention and production of a personalized perfume, or a team game in which the participants have to recognize the essences that make up some of the most famous perfumes and try to reproduce them. An amusing team-building activity is the invention and production of a "company perfume".

Galleria fotografica

Tuscan Perfume Tuscan Perfume Tuscan Perfume


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  • Wonderful locations immersed in nature
    Orangeries, farms, villas

  • Historical gardens
    Visit of the most famous Tuscan gardens

  • An introduction on perfumes
    Introductory course with professional perfume makers

  • Perfume creation
    Essences and suitable tools for the production of scents and the invention of a personal perfume

  • Team game
    Production of a "company perfume". Reproduction attempt of a famous perfume


From 4 to 100 participants 

All year round