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Tours and special events for groups in Italy

Marble comes alive!

The Majestic Apuan Alps are considered to be amongst the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. Carved by the time and by the man during the centuries they offer breathtaking views of extraordinary beauty and the most beautiful stone sculpted in the world.

Our event offers you the opportunity to live an experience that will approach you to the world of the quarrymen and of the sculptor.

You can also make an exclusive tour inside a quarry situated more than 500 meters deep in the bowels of the mountain where you will discover the ancient quarrying techniques and their evolution till the present day.
A break for lunch in the canteen of the quarry workers will throw you in a unique atmosphere  away from your everyday life, and give you the opportunity to taste the dishes of this region.

The event will be completed by a sculpture competition, individual or group, that will give you the opportunity to express the artist in you!

Galleria fotografica

Marble comes alive! Marble comes alive! Marble comes alive! Marble comes alive!


Service Overview

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  • Visit of a marble Atelier
    Visit of  Pietrasanta,  „the little Athens"and of a marble Atelier

  • Discover the Apuan Alps
    Extraordinary tour among the Apuan quarries

  • The marble quarries
    An exclusive tour  of an underground quarry situated at 500 mt deep in the mountain

  • The quarrying techniques from the past to the present day
    Visit at the open air museum

  • Sculpture competition
    Individual or group competition in the production of a marble sculpture, the object can be your logo or your slogan. A guided sculpture session using a small block of marble

  • Award of the best "sculpture"
    Of course a present from the marble querries

  • Lunch at the Cafeteria
    Typical light lunch with tasting of the " Lardo di Colonnata"


From 4 to 60 participants

All year round

- Stimulate the imagination and the ideas
- To improve one's manual ability
- To promote individual  and collective creativity