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Tours and special events for groups in Italy

Truffle Festival in Tuscany

12-13, 19-20, 26-27 November 2022

An ancient adage, still taught to children in the countryside of San Miniato, says that among Doderi, Montoderi and Poggioderi there is a golden veal. It could seem strange but it is right in Valdegola triangle that is located the truffle area of San Miniato.

Regulated by a severe policy and by a regional law that defines the modality of harvest and sale, the White Truffle of San Miniato is on the the table of the most famous and important restaurants of the world. The harvest should be made with moderation and selectivity because truffle season (the three months October, November, December) is very short and its production really limited.

Truffle has not only an inimitable taste: it is also a market and a sign of local culture. Since 40 years ago in San Miniato there is the White Truffle of San Miniato Market Exhibition , that transforms the town, on the entire month of November, in a big open air lab of taste.

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Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany Truffle Festival in Tuscany




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